Step by Step Guide to Fitting Skirting Boards

If you are considering installing skirtingboards to your living room or bedroom then, you are simply required to follow simply steps to get started with the installation process. The following guide discusses a step-by-step guide on how you can fit skirting boards to your house.

Measure the room:

Before you get started with the process—you should consider measuring the entire room to determine that how much skirting board you would require for the installation. You should consider buying an additional yard of the skirting board—just in case you might require additional skirting board.

Also, when measuring the length and breadth of the room—you should use a multi-purpose detector for locating any cables or pipes in the wall.

Prepping for the installation process:

When fitting skirtingboards to your living room—you should always consider fitting a large-sized plank, and work your way down to shorter pieces of the material. In case you are working on a wall with a wider breadth then, you should reserve two or more lengths of the board for this area. It would assist you in creating a smooth and seamless joint between the two components of the skirting board.

Fixing the Skirting Board to the Wall

There is no fixed or prescribed method to fix the skirting boards to the wall; however, you should use a systematic and methodological method to attach the skirting boards to the wall. The installation process is also dependent on the material of the wall and the skirting boards respectively. You can either glue the skirting boards to the walls or, you can use nails for fixing them for adding structure to a wall. Once you are done, you should clean up the area and laminate the skirting boards for adding a dimensional look to it.